FoodSaver FSMSSY0210 Review

FoodSaver FSMSSY0210 Review

A compact countertop vacuum sealer that doesn’t take up space like its heat pressing cousins, this type of vacuum sealer is great for those who aren’t so crazy about vacuum sealing every single slice of meat or every chop of vegetable that is soon to go into their fridge. The FoodSaver FSMSSY0210 MealSaver Compact Vacuum Sealer has a fair amount of positive reviews form buyers on Amazon, but what makes this vacuum sealer better than the others, and what makes it tick?

The entire unit consists of the main vacuum, its retractable hose and a bag storage on the side, the only button you will ever find on this thing is the button that turns the vacuum on, now isn’t that just wonderful? I love simplicity in tools and appliances; it gives the user less chance to mess up.

The retractable hose allows you to move the head around and anywhere, this full freedom of motion ensures you can vacuum your food comfortably.

The best part I’d say is that it works with containers and it even comes with a container ready, I just toss in my leftovers (still edible and entirely clean leftovers mind you) into the container and plug the head on to the little opening just like how they instruct you to and turn it on, now the leftovers can be saved for next week.

The bags which come with the FoodSaver FSMSSY0210 MealSaver are somewhat defective, they have this clear sticker on them but nowhere on the manual did it say anything about a clear sticker on the spot where the nozzle is supposed to go, well I removed the sticker and sucked out all the air, then without thinking I just tossed it into the fridge only to find the next day that the bag has air in it, so I decided to tape hole after vacuuming the food, and seriously the bags are really costly.

The power in this thing is lacking, well you can’t expect a unit this small to have lots of power to vacuum up 100% of the air in the bags and containers, also getting most of the air out may take a little more time than usual.

The reason I bought this FoodSaver FSMSSY0210 MealSaver was really just for the container, and the price was reasonable, so if you just want a container that can be vacuumed and don’t really care much for extreme vacuum power or reliable bags then you can settle for this and start making your meals last longer.

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