Pressure cookers have been available on the market for years, and they have gone in and out of fashion in the past, but recent technological advancements in pressure cooker design mean that these kitchen devices are safer, more durable and more efficient than ever! This means that a pressure cooker is an ideal choice for your next affordable kitchen gadget.

What is a pressure cooker?

Pressure cookers normally looks like standard pots and pans from the outside, but look a little closer and you will begin to notice the difference. These differences are what allow the pressure cooker to cook food efficiently and effectively. Food is placed into the pan with a small amount of liquid, and then the pan is sealed. Pressure cookers have special seals on their lids, which prevent the cookers from being opened whilst the device is in use. Once the food is inside, the pressure setting can be changed as appropriate.

The vessel is then heated up, which creates a high pressure inside of the pan, which will help to cook the food inside. When the cooking process is finished, the pressure inside the pan will be slowly reduced so that the pan can be open safely. Technological advances in pressure cooker design mean that these devices are now even easier to use, without having to engage in a complicated calculation about timings and without having to follow an overly complicated set of instructions.

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What can pressure cookers be used for?

Pressure cookers can be used to cook a wide range of different food, although some form of liquid (water or stock) is usually required in the cooking process. The cooking method means that if recipes normally require braising or simmering of ingredients for a long period of time, the cooking time can actually be greatly reduced, because pressure cookers are more efficient. Whilst the cooking process will have a similar effect on the ingredients, the time that you will have to wait for your meal to be ready will be a lot less.

There are lots of cookbooks available which offer fantastic recipes for those using pressure cookers. Pressure cookers can also be used as part of the sterilisation process. As the inside of the cooker reaches such a high temperature, most micro-organisms cannot survive inside, and therefore it is an effective way to sterilise items such as jam pots or glass baby bottles.

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